Friday, October 29, 2010

We don't need no stinkin' light!

That's right. After one night under the billue light Fletch's levels are back in normal range. He is so happy to be snuggled up in his bed tonight with his brother. We will go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to check levels one more time... just to be safe!

We had family pictures tonight with all of the grandparents, Lolly and Pop, Grandma Tonka, and Grammie and Papaw. Overall, success. Taking the pictures was the easy part. Figuring out which ones to purchase was slightly more difficult! I am glad to say we stuck through it and got some wonderful shots. We have them all on a cd and I will upload some of our favorites in my spare time!

My Dad and Stepmom have to leave tomorrow. They have been a huge help. It is always nice to have your Daddy around. I will be checking his suitcases in the morning to make sure he isn't packin' any kid with him. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when the boys can see their Papaw again. Hopefully the time will fly by.



  1. Its always sad when parents (granparents) have to go home. I don't know if I've ever had as good of a nap as the one I took right after Hadley was born and my mom was here.
    Also, I wanted to make sure I didn't worry you in my last comment when I said you should "watch out for Fletcher." I know I tried to explain myself later in the comment but when I went back and read it it just looked kinda looked like you should be concerned for your baby. That is NOT what I was trying to say. Sorry for babbeling.. I just needed to say that. Love your family!

  2. Janelle, you're silly! I appreciate your advice... you've been there before!