Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bumps and Boots

Today started out pretty good.  My lovely friend Carrie came over early this morning to help me with the kiddos while I took Rosie to the doctor to be fitted for her Bebax boots.  The boys love Carrie and I think she is pretty fond of them too!  It was a huge help to have her with us at the doc's office.  Doc was nice and fast.  He adjusted her boots, slipped them on, and then gave me the rundown needed until we check back in with him in a week.  Rose is supposed to wear them as much as possible day and night.  He did say to give her periodic breaks to wiggle those cute toes of hers.  Hopefully, these will fix her metatarsus adductus and we won't have to go the casting route!

After the doc, we ran to Moser's to check out name tags.  That was a good trip.  I found all I needed and more!  It was attempting to leave Moser's that it all went crazy.  Apparently, I parked in front of a VERY big pole.  Like the pole that holds up the VERY big Moser's sign.  Well, despite the efforts of my trusty backup camera, I smashed into that bad boy and wrecked the back of the Pilot.  Glass was everywhere!  Thankfully no one was hurt.  I was also thankful that it was a pole and not another car.  Another blessing was that Carrie was with me.  It helped to have someone to laugh with and shed a tear or two.

I still had some errands to run... so, we headed to Harriet's to drop off some baby clothes, picked up Abby, stopped by Chick-Fil-A and then decided to skip WM and go home for a much needed nap!  Overall, not a bad day.  Very productive.  Just a tad more exciting than I was going for.
I'm thankful for an understanding husband.  I'm thankful we are all safe.  I'm thankful for in-laws with a truck to loan us!  I'm thankful for insurance and accident forgiveness.  Now, I just have to avoid all poles for five more years, otherwise our rates will go up!  After 5 years, they are fair game!

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