Friday, July 29, 2011

Uncle Sam

So my mom and brother came over tonight to help watch the boys this weekend. Here is a wordless picture story of Sam feeding Fletcher his nighttime bottle. You be the judge at how successful he was!
I have also been so lucky to have my sister with us these past few weeks. She has been a huge help. We are going to miss our aunt Sarah when she heads off to Hendrix. The boys are lucky to have these crazy teens to play with them!

Early tomorrow morning we are heading off to LR. We are taking the motorcycle so a prayer for safe travel would be appreciated :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

9 Month Update and Doctor's Appointment

Today we had our 9 month checkup. The boys are doing fantastic. Fletcher weighs 22 lbs and Anderson is right at 23 lbs. Both of them were 28.5 inches long. Nice, big, healthy boys. They are not crawling yet, but they get where they want to go!
Fletchman, Fletchasaurus, F Mac:
* roar
*splash in the bathtub
* scoot around on his bottom
*eat snacks
* drink from a sippy cup
* jump in his jumperoo
* make himself sit up from laying down on his back
Rooster, Rony, Danger, Roo:
* clap
*walk EVERYWHERE in his walker
*eat snacks
* scoot around on his belly
* hold his own bottle!
* drink from a sippy cup
*put blocks into containers
*bite things with his 8 teeth, even his brother :)
Both boys are still on a great schedule. They wake around 7 and go down for the night around 7:30. They are eating three meals a day and only drinking three bottles, 18 oz a day. They love fish and chicken noodle. Those are probably their favorite right now. We are working on getting rid of our pacifiers. I try to only give them to them at night or during naptime. Our goal is to have them gone by our first birthday!
At the doctor today, the boys had the most fun on the examination table. They LOVED the paper that they sat upon. Fletcher liked to kick it and Rooster loved tearing it up to eat it. They had fun playing with daddy too.

The boys have been so adventurous lately. They are just too cute to handle! They are learning all kinds of new tricks.
I left them on the square playmat while I went out of the room for less than five minutes. When I returned, the playmat was no longer together and the boys had scattered!
Belly crawler
I spy two rotten boys :)
Since they are apparently no longer happy sitting in one place... I popped open the outlet plugs and spent the evening plugging away!
Rooster has found a new hideout... under the chair.
Fletcher now LOVES headbutting the dog. Oh, she loves it too!
They love to play with eachother.

Here is Fletch in mid "ROAR."

And we love to make noise in the bath!

On that note... have a good night everyone. Tomorrow we have 9 month pictures!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 months!

Today the boys turned 9 months old. Hard to believe! These past months have flown by. Kale and I aren't sure why, but today was extra special to us. Every month has been celebrated and welcomed excitedly, but this month seemed to be extra special. Maybe it is the fact that they have been out in this world as long as they were in my belly. OR maybe it is just because we are so super excited for their birthday that we needed some excuse to celebrate a little early! Either way we had an amazingly fun family day today.

After lunch

We went shopping for our new Fall clothes. All of which were size 18 months! We had to restrain ourselves because we will be in Little Rock next weekend and plan on hitting up Babies R Us for their huge Fall blowout sale. Can't wait!

Little Stevie Wonder
We also went to Toys R Us and got a new truck and a ball pit. Why a ball pit... not too sure! All I know is that the men LOVE it. Here are a few pictures of them with the new toy, and a short video.

Target was one of our last stops and then we ended our day with frozen yogurt at Yum Yos. Delicious. :) Of course we had birthday cake yogurt.

After a day of going going, we are happy to be at home. I am so proud of how much my little men have learned in this short amount of time. What a blessing they are! We have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'll fill everyone in with the newest stats and I'm working on a really cute post full of videos of all our new tricks. Check back Wednesday night.

I'll leave you with one sneak peak of one of Fletchman's newest tricks. Unfortunately, I taped it the wrong way... just turn your head sideways! Have a great night.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Vacation

We just got back home from our first family vacation. This past week we traveled to Texas to visit my family. The boys, Kale and I had a splendid time. Here is a overview of how we spent our week. Of course I'll add some pictures too for those of you who would rather not read and just do a picture walk instead :)

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: We woke up and left the house at 5 am. When traveling with babies, the earlier the better. We got to Mamaw's around 3:30 and had time to stretch out before dinner. She LOVED seeing the boys. I think they made her very happy. Babies have a way of doing that. I'm pretty sure that they never had the opportunity to even begin to cry; she was right there to pick them up if they even thought about it!
Sunday we got up and walked across the street to church. It was great to see all of the people who have been so kind to check on Mamaw since Papaw passed away. There are three young kids from the congregation, probably middle school age, that walk her across the street to her front door after church. So nice of them! While walking home, Dad and Missy pulled into the driveway. We had a delicious lunch and then the men went out to fix Mamaw's well house. It was so hot outside for them to be working, but it did sprinkle a bit to help cool them off. The boys and I sat outside on the porch with Mamaw and watched them hammering away. We were the official water crew!
Monday we woke up and loaded the car to head for Houston. Once we got to Dad's house we hung out and settled in for a couple of days in the big city. That night we went to the Rainforest Cafe.
Some people thought that the boys were going to be frightened by the lights and noises when the animals "went off" but they weren't! They just looked all around and took it in. They loved the sky when it "rained."
They also loved eating the menus,
touching the elephant
and chewing up french fries.
I was so excited to take them, and it was totally worth it. We got some great pictures too.
After we ate we walked around the Galleria and went to a giant candy store.
The biggest chocolate bunny EVER!
Tuesday: Aquarium day! Dad and the Farmer troop took off to downtown Houston for a trip through the aquarium. We had planned to go to the zoo, but with the extreme temperatures and chance of rain we decided to go to plan B. It has been so hot down there that the animals were not coming out for people to see them so we stuck with the indoors! The boys LOVED the aquarium. There was a lot of super cool stuff to look at. We saw puffer fish, polka dotted stingray, sharks, anacondas, giant catfish, and tigers! Yes, the aquarium! After we walked through and looked at everything it was time to ride the shark train. Man was it hot waiting in that line! 45 minutes later we hopped on and went for our ride. By that time we were all drenched in sweat and Rooster had passed out. SO... Fletch enjoyed the sharks and Rooster enjoyed the ride, while he slept! After the train we rode the Ferris Wheel and Kale and I rode the Lighthouse Dive. The minute we got off it started to rain and they shut down both rides! Perfect timing :) They did leave the carousel open so we jumped on and took our turn riding a shark and a crocodile. The boys really liked the carousel. After that, it was a race to the car. Anderson snacked on his toes on the way home and Fletch took a little nap. All in all, awesome day!
The lady wasn't too keen on Fletch splashing in the sting ray pool.
F-Mac was mesmerized.
Shark Tank
Train Ride!
Papaw and his boys!
Daddy, Fletch, and the croc
Way up high!
Snack for the ride home.
Wednesday: Wednesday morning we got up and did our normal routine. Breakfast, Dinosaur Train, nap. Then we headed over to Grandma Fay and Grandpa Joe's house. They ordered Mexican food and we visited for a couple hours. The boys took a little nap and then we all changed into our swimsuits. The boys had a great time playing in the pool with Gma and Gpa. They also loved playing with the little doggie, Lexi, and the big doggie, Belle. It was great to get to see the grandparents and Uncle Billy.
Fun in the pool.
I just want to pull her hair!
Thursday: Pack it up and head out! We were done with our big city time, it was time to head back to the country. That evening Grandpa Mike and Grandma Emma came over to eat and play. The boys had so much fun playing with Gma Emma down in the floor. Great time had by all!
Friday: Friday morning we woke up and fiddled around. After lunch we said good-bye to Mamaw and took off for Dallas. It sure was hard to say good-bye. We went out to the swing for a little bit to talk about Papaw and remember the wonderful times we had on that front porch. On our way to the Big D we stopped for ice cream. The men LOVE ice cream. We got to D and checked in to our hotel, since we had so much stuff the lady gave us their biggest room :) This was probably a good thing! That night we went out to dinner with one of Kale's good childhood friends, Dillon. Dinner was great and the boys enjoyed meeting new people :)
The INFAMOUS front porch swing. So many great memories on this swing.
I miss my Papaw.
Dillon and the boys.
Hotel bath, splash all you want boys!
Saturday: Up and at 'em. We packed up and headed home... after stopping at the outlet mall. Men got new shoes. Mommy picked out one pair, and Daddy the other. See if you can guess who got what!
Yes, that says "Fart Factory!"
(They were on sale for a dollar. Couldn't argue too much! Not exactly church shoes!)
We made it home in time to begin unpacking and get to bed early. We even went to the park before bedtime and had a little swing. Boys love the swings.
Swing the night away!
OVERALL... FANTASTIC vacation. We fit a lot of fun in just a few days. The boys experienced a lot of firsts and were so well behaved for it all. I'm so proud to be their mom. Kale and I are so lucky. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!