Sunday, January 6, 2013

Roller Skating

Aunt Abby turned 8 New Year's Day, and today we went roller skating to celebrate.  I knew that the boys would either love it or hate it.  They LOVED it and were really good at it.  At the beginning they wanted to hold our hands, but after about two times around we heard, "I do it by myself!"  Abby got skates for her birthday and was a pro from all the practice this past week.  Uncle Sam and Daddy were another story!  They were not very graceful, but good sports.  I decided not to skate this time.  I'm a little "front heavy" and don't really fall very gracefully.  Plus it is a little hard to catch myself when my balance gets off.  Maybe next time I'll be able to skate.
 Boys and Mommy making a lap.
 The boys loved the giant Frosty and bear.
 Helping Daddy up!
 Going FAST
 Fletch with his cheeseball smile.
 Boys and Aunt Abby
 Showing Tonka how to do it.
 All by himself!  
 Learning from Abby.
 Big guy Fletchman.
 On another note... the boys are big boy potty animals.  They are not "potty trained" by any means, but they do tell us when they need to go poo poo 75% of the time!  Hey, it's progress.  When they go in the potty they get a popsicle.  This is a HUGE incentive :)  I am just having trouble getting them to tell me when they need to go pee pee.  I guess that will come.  At least we have the messy one under control!

Rosemary and I are doing great.  We had a doctor's appointment on Friday and everything looks and sounds fantastic.  We measured 1/2 a cm less than we should have.  This was news to me!  I NEVER measured less with the boys.  Maybe we will have a crazy growth spurt before our next appointment in two weeks.  I feel good.  Not great, but I am happy to be prego and love the thought of having that baby girl in no time at all.  She moves so much, and it is getting to the point of not feeling so good.  Her feet are in my ribs constantly, no bueno.  I think this goldfish is outgrowing her tank!

The forgotten Christmas post will be up before Friday!  I also will try to get our top 10 of 2012 by Friday :)  We will see if those goals get met...

Have a great week everyone.