Monday, March 12, 2012

Lorax in Training

Saturday we took the boy-Os to see their first movie. We were a little nervous that they would want to get down and walk around after the movie had been on for a bit, but we were wrong. They sat back and watched the entire thing. They did so good and loved every minute of it! We couldn't be luckier to have the duo. They are so much fun! After the movie we walked around the promenade with Tonka and Aunt Abby. Saturday was a beautiful day and we soaked up as much sun as we could. That night we walked over to Kale's sister's house for dinner. The guys love playing with everyone and showing off their silly tricks.

Tonight we had eggs, sausage, and banana pancakes for dinner. It was just what the duo ordered! They gobbled up every last bite. After dinner we went outside and played in the back yard. We were out there for an hour and a half... could have stayed longer but it was after seven and the bathtub was calling. The boys love to be outside. They had the best time picking the grass and sniffing the "flowers" (weeds). Our little Lorax that speak for the weeds :) I can't wait for summer!!! We are going to have such an amazing time.

Kale and I received our backpacking permit to hike the Grand Canyon this summer! Now we can start planning our 5 year anniversary trip! Holy smokes... time flies!!!

Well, hope the rest of the week is as much fun as today was. Have a good one everyone :)


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday and Firetrucks

Yesterday morning we got up early so that we were all packed and ready for work by the time the gentlemen awoke. This allowed us to begin our day with breakfast as a family. It was a perfect start to a busy Friday. In honor of Dr. Seuss we had green eggs and ham (and banana).

Anderson helped stir the eggs.
Fletch chowed down, and loved every bite!
Roo is still not in the swing of eating much after his ear problems earlier in the week. We are taking it a bite at a time. I'm sure he will be back to his old "chow down" self soon. He took a few tastes of eggs before feeding the rest to the dogs!

That night we went out and about... hair cuts for the men were in order! When we got home the house smelled of gas. We opened all the windows and turned on fans. I went ahead and called the fire department just to be safe, of course they sent the biggest truck they had out to the house! The boys loved looking at it as they checked the house with their meters. They even turned the lights on as they left for the little guys! Thanks Bville FD for making sure we were safe! And thanks for being such good sports with the boys.

So it's dark...
Today is my loooooong awaited hair appointment and the search for a new pair of jeans! Gotta love Saturdays!