Sunday, May 29, 2011

Talker Fletch/ Sunday Fun

Today was a wonderful day. It started with a great church service and then was followed by tons of family fun. We were outside almost ALL day. It was the perfect temperature with the perfect breeze. Kale grilled, we all ate, and then napped on the patio. Here are a few shots of our day.

"Nap-time" on the patio... notice the lack of napping by the boy!
Cruising at Target!
Snoozing on the way home.
We played Monkey in the Middle with Abby for about an hour! She was such a good sport.

When we got home we did our bedtime routine as usual.
Then Fletch decided to perform.
How cute is this?!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

7 Month Pictures

Tonight we ventured out into the rain to have our 7 month pictures taken. This month pictures happened to be on our actual 7 month birthday! It is so hard to believe that the men are so old so soon. It always sounds so cliche when people say, "It seems like just yesterday they were born." It is SO true though.

Tonight was our first photo shoot with the boys sitting up all by themselves. They did an outstanding job! Enjoy the pictures. Of course, I think they are just perfect ;)

One more thing... please keep all of those people in your prayers that lost their homes, and even loved ones in the Joplin tornado yesterday evening.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thing 1's Tooth!

After months of hard-work, Fletcher has finally cut his first tooth!! This is so exciting. It isn't all the way through but here are a few pictures of the happy boy and his new addition!

(Okay, so after I uploaded the pictures you can't really see it... but it is there! On his bottom left. We will get more pictures tomorrow. He is already tucked in bed for the night!)

Fletcher and Mommy were playing while we let Rony take a nap in the driveway!
Congrats Fletch! Way to go baby.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 months :)

Well, we are actually going to be seven months old in about a week, but we just had our sixth month check up last week. Here is the update!

Fletcher: 27 inches long
19.3 lbs
90th percentile for length and height
Anderson: 27 inches long
21.3 lbs
97th percentile for length and height

Both boys are sitting, still a bit wobbly.

They love their toys and bouncing in the jumperoo. They are speedy fast in their walker. Anderson can now go forward and in reverse. Fletcher is a reverse only guy for now!

They are eating solid foods three times a day, drinking juice, and cutting back on formula.
They like to hold hands while eating in their high chairs. Some nights I have to turn them away from one another so that they will stop trying to grab each other's hand.

Fletch can roll from back to belly and back with no problem. His favorite time to roll is when you are trying to change his diaper! Anderson is a little chubbier and gets stuck on his side when trying to roll. He will get there soon though!

They can both grab tiny things and are starting to become more aware of object permanence. I have been trying to get them used to, "Mommy will be right back." when I leave the room to get them not to cry!

Baby Einstein is a life saver during dinner preparation time!

They LOVE their evening walks. Almost every time Fletcher falls asleep on the second block. Anderson loves to look ALL around and talk as he rides.

Overall, they are doing great. All is perfect and wonderful. Our family is counting down the days until summer! Bring on the pool, outside naps, and red stained faces from popsicles!

Here are some 6 month pics...
Fletchman in his walker.
Hold my hand bro!
Good boy, Fletcher!
Veggin' out to Baby Einstein!
Diaper changing time!


How to eat a cracker.

Step 1: Inspect

Step 2: Lick to test

Step 3: Dive in

Step 4: MMMM... tasty!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ya Think?

Tonight I had a meeting at church and didn't get home until a little after 8. Kale met me at the entry way... "I'm glad you're home. Thing 1 isn't cooperating!" I go to check on this so called Thing 1 to find him with both arms wiggled free from his swaddle blanket, wrestling with his music box, while Thing 2 was sound asleep. After re-wrapping him and turning the music box off I left the room. When I went back to check on him the music box was on and Thing 2 was still sound asleep. However, Thing 1 had managed to grab his brother's hand and had his entire fist in his mouth.

Revelation of the night: Sleeping in separate beds may be in the near future!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day


Today was my first Mother's Day. A day I've waited to celebrate for a long time! The first thing I thought of this morning was how incredibly blessed I am. I spent a good while in thankful prayer before I even opened my eyes. God works in mysterious ways, and although it was a journey to get our boys here, it was worth every minute. I am so full of love for them... it is amazing how fast you can love someone in such a short amount of time.

The day was full of everything I love... my men, great church service, good food, family time, a nap on the patio, and a wonderful walk. It was awesome to have so many thoughtful people wish me a happy Mother's Day.

  • Kale and I hosted a Mother's Day brunch. We had a total of 19 people, including Fletch and Rony, over to enjoy some good visiting time and yummy food. It was great having everyone in one place.
  • After they all left we took a snooze with the boys on the patio. PERFECT!
  • When we all woke up we went over to see my Grandma Carol. She is recovering from having her kidney removed last Thursday. Doc says everything looks great and they think they removed ALL of the cancer!
  • Once we got home we fed the boys dinner. We tried macaroni w/ veggies but they didn't really go for that... so, we dumped it and went back to good ol' fashioned sweet potatoes.
  • After that, on a walk it was. I know I've said it before, but the boys love their wagon. Now we are home and bedtime it is about to be! Today was perfect! I can't wait to do it again next year :)
Here are a few shots to document our day...


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

Tonight we took the boys on their first Chuck E. Cheese trip. They had a blast. They rode all the rides, played with balls, pushed a lot of buttons, and were mesmerized by the lights.
Enjoy the pictures. Click on them to make them bigger :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter on May Day

Today we had our Easter celebration. Mom, bros, sisters, and Gma came over after church. It was a fantastic first Easter!

We hunted eggs and ate bunny cake. Don't worry, it isn't made out of real bunnies :)

Kale and I had so much fun dragging the boys around to find their eggs. They did a good job grabbing them. After egg hunting the gentlemen took their nap and the grown ups played wii.

When they woke up, the boys painted their own eggs. They loved playing in the paint!

Then after their baths they took a ride around the house in their cool new wagon! Thanks Lolly and Pop. We love it!

Wonderful day! AND... today is Mamaw's 90th birthday! Happy Bday Mamaw. We love you so much :) Have a great week everyone.