Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Recap!

Well, summer officially ended for this momma at 8 o'clock Monday morning.  That's right, a new school year has begun, and what a whirlwind it has been!

Our summer was great.  We had great family time and accomplished a lot in our short time together.  Here we go on the recap.... Starting in June since that was our last blog.

June consisted of our five year anniversary and the GRAND trip to the bottom of the G. Canyon.  Kale and I had a wonderful time hiking in the 140 degree weather and made a lot of memories while completing the 20 mile adventure.  Overall, it was a terrific trip, but it wasn't easy :)  Will we do it again, yes.... in about 10 years!

I also traveled to Mt. Petit Jean with a awesome group of teachers at the end of June to complete our last session of the Arkansas Leadership Academy.  We worked hard and had a great time together.

Oh, and we made our BIG announcement :)

July was a busy month with a trip to the beach and the boys' baptism.  We thought since we went to the desert, the beach was the next logical place to visit.  The boys had a great time visiting Grammie and Papaw and playing in the waves and the sand.  It was a wonderful first trip to the beach.  We can't wait to go back next summer.

As mentioned in earlier posts, we chose Steele Creek on the Buffalo River to baptize the men.  Our family all came out to support the guys and it was just perfect.  After the baptism, we had a picnic lunch and then spent the afternoon splashing and playing in the water.

To finish out July I traveled back to the mountain, Petit Jean, to begin my first session of the Arkansas Teacher Academy.  Jennifer and I had a great time together, and enjoyed the time to work with new teachers. We also had the chance to learn more about ourselves as educators, while digging deeper into strategies to improve our methods in the classroom.  We will return again in October, February, and June.  Busy, busy!  The boys had a great time hanging out with Daddy.

August arrived quickly and we spent most of it inside.  It was so hot and dry, and I still wasn't feeling up to par so the boys and I kinda vegged out and soaked up our last weeks together before I had to return to work.

Overall, it was a wonderful, fun filled summer.  I am so thankful for all of the family time we had and the memories that were made.  Now this Farmer fam is ready to get Fall under way, and find out what this lone ranger is going to be.  If I had a dollar, heck even a quarter, for every time someone said, "I hope it's a girl" we would have "it's" college paid for already!

Bring on FALL and FOOTBALL!!