Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hats Off

Becoming a mom has given me a new appreciation for all women who tackle the task of raising kiddos, especially those who do it while holding down a full-time job! Is it hard... no. Is it easy... no. Is it tiring... yes! Tiring- I know that this is true for even those who stay home with their little ones, but working and having two fellas that require ALL of my attention and time can be very exhausting.
One thing I learned very fast is to leave work at work. I used to go in around 6:30 and stay until 4, still taking papers home with me. Now, I am ready to go at 3:30 with no papers in tow. I have truly learned how to use every minute of the day in the most productive way possible. My weekends and evenings are my families... while work stays at work!

So... thank you Mom for doing the great job you did while providing for our family. Thank you to all of my teachers who took the time to care for me while having families of their own. Hats off to all of you, and all the working moms out there!
Can't have a post without a few pictures! Here are the boys enjoying a nice stroller ride on Sunday.


  1. Love the new template and I could not imagine being a full time working mom. Props to you my friend!!!!

  2. Oh Janelle, in no way do I think staying home is a breeze either! Those 15 weeks I was home with the guys I was EXHAUSTED by the evening :) Props to you too!