Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Splendid Sunday

Today after church Kale and I went for a motorcycle ride. It was so beautiful outside! I haven't been on the bike in over a year. It was so nice to ride again. Thanks Mom and Grandma for watching the gentlemen! They had a great time.

When we got home we laid down for a short nap. My intention was to snuggle Fletch until he fell asleep and then jump up and get some cleaning done. Well, I slept right along with him. He is a great snuggle buddy. Gets it from his Dad!

When I woke up I saw this face staring at me! Wonder how long he had been laying there wide eyed?!

Tomorrow I'll have to nap with Rony. :)

When we woke up we had some wiggle time on the floor. The first picture is how the boys started. The second is how they ended. They are mighty good wigglers!

After naps we had some cereal before we took off to WM. The best way to feed babies is naked of course! Well, naked with leg warmers on! :)

Tomorrow we head to Eureka for the day. Hopefully we will have cute pictures to post of our day trip.


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