Wednesday, October 6, 2010

34 Weeks Down... ??? To Go!

Today we had our 34 week appointment. The only way I can describe the doctor's reaction today is giddy! He is so excited that things have gone so well, and for so long. Blood pressure is great, babies sounded good, stress test went wonderfully, and I have not had any contractions and have not dilated. Great news is that we are past the point that the boys would need steroids to boost lung development. If they are born now they are in the clear of any known possible complications.

We went ahead and scheduled an appointment for next week and an ultrasound for two weeks. Dr. Pappas did say we may not end up needing that ultrasound! Really... who knows though... The only thing that he was not extremely happy about was the fact that I am losing weight. I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks. I am still eating just as much as before but now the boys are sucking even more out of me! I was told to drink more milk shakes... I guess if I have to I'll do it :) I mean doctor's orders are doctor's orders!

This weekend is the Arkansas vs. A&M game. That just may begin the labor process! I'm so excited. Have a good rest of the week and... GO HOGS!



  1. Yeah, I never had the problem of losing weight while I was pregnant with Hadley! =/ Good to hear the boys are doing well!!!!

  2. Man, that stinks that you have to drink milk shakes :) That is a good prescription for sure.