Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Under the Light

Hey everyone! Well, Kale and I have been parents for four whole days. All I can say is it has been GREAT :) The boys sleep so well and they are such good babies. I know, I know, it can all change in the blink of an eye... but for now we are pretty thankful. Anderson is our "eater." He gobbles up his bottles in no time. Fletcher on the other hand, is more of the type to take his time. We have to burp him a lot more often to make sure his belly doesn't get upset. Both boys are keeping their eyes open more. I love to just sit and look at them with their big eyes. BEAUTIFUL.

We had our first doctor appointment today. They did so good on their car ride and looked so cute bundled up in their car seats. They didn't even cry when I had to get them naked to be examined. I did keep them snuggled on the table though.

The doctor's office is in the same clinic that Dorothy, their "Lolly", works in. She got to take them and show them off to her friends. Both boys have lost weight, as expected for new babies, but are still in the healthy range. Fletcher's bilirubin count was slightly high so he has to go under the light for a few days. I hate not being able to hold him but I know he will only get better faster if I leave him under the light like I'm supposed to. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if tonight's efforts "under the light" helped any. Fingers crossed we get great news!

Lucy is quite fond of the boys. She is a little protective of them. She keeps standing on her hind legs and watching Fletch under his light. Makin' sure he is okay! Daphne is pretty clueless. She knows the boys are here but doesn't really pay much attention to them. Last night she tried to jump up on my lap and nearly killed me. Of course she didn't mean to, but it hurt so bad when she landed on my stitches!

I am healing slowly but steadily. With each day I feel better. I am so happy that my doctor was on call the day we had the boys. Not just because he is "my doctor" but also because I got to have MY nurse. I know Jennifer did a great job "sewing me up!" Today I noticed I am beginning to have a bellybutton again! We tried to go to Gap today and I almost didn't make it. Took too much out of me! Tomorrow we have family pictures so I need to rest up for another outing! We will post pictures of our little family as soon as we can.

Thanks for all the well wishes. We can't wait until we can bring the boys to church and show them off. Thanks to everyone who has come by to visit them. If you haven't been by feel free to call and come on out. Kale and Anderson are dozing on the couch so I guess I'll go get ready for bed too. Midnight will be here soon and it will be time to feed the boys. See everyone soon.


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  1. Good to hear the boys are doing well, they're ADORABLE!! Oh and I'd watch out for Fletcher... Hadley fooled us with her slow eating when her bilirubins were elevated and then all the sudden she was a tank, haha!!