Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Pictures

Well, I spent a long time last night uploading pictures and making them look so cute on the blog and then poof! All was lost :( So, here I am to try again.

We had our family pictures taken on Monday night. Usually I HATE having my picture taken. Anyone that knows me knows they need to count when taking a photo... if there is counting I will have an automatic smile by the time they get to 3. You don't count, who knows what you will get! This time it was different though. The pictures weren't about me and Kale, but instead about us and that big round belly. I was so happy to have the opportunity to be taking the pictures of "the belly" that it actually wasn't torturous at all! We are supposed to be getting a link so that y'all can view all of the pictures online. As soon as they send it to us I will post it on here. Until then, here are a few of our favorites...
I am about to leave for an ultrasound appointment and then a doctor's appointment after that. I will fill y'all in when I finally return home tonight! Have a good day. I don't know about where you are, but it is BEAUTIFUL out today :)



  1. YES It is beautiful outside. I think this page is beautiful. I will be so happy when these boys arrive. Love you guys a BUNCH!!!!

  2. that's the prettiest BIG little belly i've ever seen! and some great family photos... wait till you try to get one next fall...boys will be running everywhere and just when you get them in the right spot one will start screaming and the other will refuse to look at the camera!