Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This & That Update

The gentlemen are 10 days old today. Hard to believe! I had a doctor's appointment today and he thought everything looked great. I am going to go back in three weeks to have my incision checked once more and then we are done with seeing him. The boys also had an appointment today. They have been on the "beef up plan" since Wednesday of last week. So far Anderson has gained 5oz and Fletcher has gained 4oz. Now Danger weighs 6lbs and Fletch is at 5lbs 5oz. I'm happy they are going up, but we would like them to reach their birth weight by our appointment next week.

Tonight we had Kenny, Dorothy, and Jake over for dinner. It was a great visit and the boys got some great snuggle time. Glee was on so of course we watched it! It was a rerun, and one of the songs had Quinn dancing with a bunch of pregnant girls as her backups. It kind of made me miss by BIG prego belly! I have heard so many people say how they hated being pregnant and couldn't wait for it to be over... I loved it. It was a super special time.

The boys love their bath time. We tried the bathroom sinks at first but the boys don't really fit. Now we use the kitchen. It works much better! Here are the classic "first bath pictures."

Well, this has been a conglomeration of topics for one post. Overall, things are going great. I couldn't make it without Kale. He has been absolutely wonderful. When people see that we have twins they always look at me and ask how I'm doing it. All I have to say is I am not doing it... WE are. So far it hasn't been bad... let's pray that it stays that way!


  1. Praying every day for u 4.. Can't wait too get better and make dinner so I can see them it's killing me.. lol. Miss u girl.

  2. Great it is signed into Brents account but hopefully u know its me