Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Due Date

Well, today was our 40 week due date! The boys were three weeks early.. not too bad for twins :) I can't even imagine how big I would have been if I had gone the full 40 weeks. Doc would have taken them at 38, but still to think about going full term just makes my feet start to swell!

At our doctor's appointment last week the boys both lost their umbilical cords. Yes folks, we have real belly buttons now! They are just too cute.

Yesterday evening we went out after Kale got home and did a little Christmas shopping. We went to Target and then to Wal Mart. The boys slept through it all! When we got home I let them stretch out on the couch for a bit. Here are some cute pics I took of them.

Happy to be out of their seats!

Fletcher Mac

Anderson Danger

Later that night both boys were wide awake for about 20 minutes. Kale and I sat and talked with them and they did such a good job following us with their eyes. Of course we had the camera near us so what else would we do besides grab some open eye pictures. Here are just a few.

The boys have their one month pictures scheduled for Saturday. Man, it is hard to believe it has almost been a month! It sure has been a great month. Not a lot of sleep, but totally worth every minute of it :)


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  1. so sorry i missed you at the school the other day! crazy is all i can say. my boys are SO STINKING CUTE! i need to come by and see you all again soon. ready for another batch of stuff to go through yet?