Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Extra Chins Anyone?!

My boys are growing SO fast. A week ago today they had a doctor's appointment to check their weight. At that time Fletch weighed 5# 5oz and Anderson weighed 6#s even. Today... Fletch is up to 6# 3oz and Anderson is a whopping 6# 13oz!! I have noticed that they each are sporting a fashionable extra chin. Animals put on their "winter coats," and my boys put on their "winter chins!" Anderson definitely is showing the Cook side of the family with his giant pinchable cheeks!

Tonight we went on a Target outing. The doctor said that the boys necks are strong enough that we can start tummy time. Kale and I bought them the cutest tummy mat. First night of TT was a success. Fletcher loved it, but it took Anderson a bit to get used to it.

Lucy is just checking things out.

One eyed Mac

We will be going to Texas to see my family for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait. My Mamaw will get to see the boys for the first time. They are her Great great grandsons :) I can't wait to show them off.

Today I had to miss a wedding shower for one of my friends that I teach with. I was really pumped to get out to Gravette to see all of my friends and go to the shower but our dr apt ran long and I didn't get to go :( I think I will load the boys up and take them out Friday at the very end of the school day. I miss my class A LOT. I know that I got a new student and haven't even met her yet. Maybe Friday I'll take the boys by the class the last 5 minutes of school to get my hugs and let them see the babies. They can look but NO TOUCHING! I love being home with the gentlemen but I do get a little lonely with it being so quiet. The boys still sleep a lot, but I'm sure they will get more lively in the coming weeks.

I have been incredibly lucky with the help we have gotten from family. Kale's mom has come out many days the past two weeks and stayed with me, helped me feed, and done odds and ends jobs around the house. Thank you so much Dorothy! I'm lucky to have you. My mom has also come out and loved on the boys. She is great at keeping them awake while she is here so that they take a good nap after she leaves. She has a way with babies. One day I hope I will too! Kale's aunt Renee and Mamie have also been out a few times, always bearing food when they come :) Today they came out and fed and held the little guys for a couple hours. It was so nice to sit and visit with them. I know I dominated the conversation, but it was so nice to just visit. Thanks for listening ladies.

Well, we are all doing great. It is almost time for the boys "before bed snack." Hope everyone has a good night. Chao until next time!

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