Sunday, February 13, 2011

The First

Let's start with this... Kale and I have never been people who insist their children be called their full name and nothing shorter. We call Fletcher, Fletchman- Fletchasaurus- F Mac- Macadoodle- and Mac, all of which can be traced back to his name. However, Anderson is a little trickier. His nickname needs a bit of explaining. Follow if you dare! Anderson, Danger- Andersonian- Anderony- Rony (you see... drop the Ander and you are left with Rony). Now you will all know who I'm talking about when I say Fletch and Rony... not that you aren't smart enough to figure it out yourselves :) Just thought I'd help.

On to the good stuff...

Fletch and Rony were laying on our bed while we were folding and putting away laundry. Kale walked to the closet to begin the dreaded chore of hanging up clothes. I say dreaded b/c I insist that they are hung by type, i.e. tank, short sleeve, 3/4, long, and then sorted by color. I was putting towels and sheets away down the hall. The boys were laughing and giggling with one another when we left. All was fine and calm. However, when we returned Fletcher had acquired a bloody nose! He was crying and Rony was just smiling away. Kale and I looked at one another and thought... this is only the beginning! That's right, it only took 16 weeks, but we have experienced THE FIRST bloody nose.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Before & After

As you all know, it is snowing... has been snowing all morning. The projected 4-6'' turned into 12-20'' really fast. I won't bore you with a lot of snowy pictures, but I would like to share a few before and after shots.

Abby's snowman (as shown on a previous post) BEFORE

Abby's snowman AFTER

Benjamin's snowman BEFORE

Benjamin's snowman AFTER

Doghouse BEFORE

Doghouse AFTER

So far we have 14'' in some spots and close to 20'' in other.
Probably should have bought more diapers! Let's also not forget that all the BEFORE pictures were the reason for 6 canceled days of school. I have a feeling we will be out for the rest of this week!
Stay warm and cozy everyone.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Those of you who use Facebook... you have heard this so you can stop reading now!

A few weeks ago the boys went to an open call for a diaper commercial that will be used for the United Way diaper drive in a few months. The video is finally together! Here is a sneak peak. It will not air for awhile still... but I can't wait that long to share it with everyone. The boys are the two little ones shown in the first frame. They are on either side of the little girl.

I also just got word that we won a photo contest! I had submitted a silly holiday photo to LiveLight! media and we won movie tickets! Now... who is going to volunteer to watch the darlings so mommy and daddy can go watch a movie?!?! Here is the picture I submitted.

What a great night.
What a great day!
No school for tomorrow. The only thing on the agenda is working on Valentine's Day shirts for the gentlemen. Stay warm everyone. :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tricks/Snow

Now presenting the one of a kind Fletchasaurs and the mighty Andersonian,
performing their new tricks!

Trick #1: Rubbing their eyes when they are sleepy... oh, too cute :)

Trick #2: Looking at one another and giggling.

Trick #3: Sleeping in their big boy beds from 8:30-7 (Praise the LORD!!!)

Trick #4: Eating rice cereal and getting between their toes, up their nose, and in their ears... bath time is a MUST afterwards.

Trick #5: Sitting nice and tall in their Bumbos. Anderson's legs are so fat they get stuck! Baby diet in the future?
Sporting our Green Bay green! Go Packers :)
Fletch 16lbs 25 inches... Anderson 15lbs 25 inches!

Now for a look at my snow bunnies!
Kale's snow excursion... a.k.a. taking out the trash!

Benjamin's Snowman

Abby's Snowman


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days and Sweet Potatoes

Holy cow! It is snowing like crazy today. Needless to say, NO SCHOOL to be had :). So far today we have been mildly productive. The beds have been made, showers taken, and lunch fixed. As for anything else, I think not! Mopping would be a great accomplishment, but I'd rather hold babies, nap by the fire, and catch up on the blog!
The dogs feel the same way.
This afternoon we gave the boys their first taste of sweet potatoes. Before we began I made a 4oz bottle for each of them and told Kale that we should only feed them half of the serving at lunch and we could finish it off for dinner. Well, the boys weren't having ANY of that. They devoured the entire serving of potatoes and finished off their bottles! Enjoy these precious pictures :)

None left!
And some yummy milk to wash it down!