Thursday, March 21, 2013


Holy cow!  Where does the time go?  I mean really... four weeks old already!  Rosemary Charlotte is the big one month today.  It has gone by so fast.  She is a champ.  She eats every three hours and slurps down 4oz at each feeding.  She is still sleeping a lot during the day.  She stays awake for about an hour around lunch and then wakes up in the evening when daddy gets home.  She is very content swinging in her swing, laying out on a blanket on the floor, or of course being held.  She only fusses when she is hungry or dirty.  She loves having a bath but doesn't like having lotion put on, just like big bro Fletch!  Rosie isn't a fan of her pacifier, but is starting to use it a little more often between feedings.  She is just about too big for newborn diapers.  I'm thinking maybe one more bag and then moving on up to size 1.  Her newborn clothes were cute while they lasted, but 0-3 month is what we are putting her in more often.  The newborn just aren't long enough.  At her two week appointment she weighed 7lbs 8oz and she has only gotten bigger since then.  Today at her appointment she weighed a big ol' 8lbs 13oz!   Miss Rose is a great sleeper at night.  She still eats around 10 and then wakes once at 3 and sleeps until 6ish.    Then it starts the every three hour feedings throughout the day time.  ONE time at night!  I'll take it :)  Much easier than the every two hours with the duo!

Loving the tummy time.

The men are loving their sister.  They are so sweet with her.  I'm always finding Avengers or Ninja Turtles tucked in with her wherever she might be laying.  They still "pet" her and will give her kisses.

Rosemary's bodyguards at their finest!  

So far she has been to church three times, the zoo, jump zone, Branson, and WM and Target a countless number of times.  The girl is a great shopper and a wonderful traveler.  She isn't a huge fan of her car seat  but once she settles in she does okay.
We are so blessed.  I thank God daily for my amazing family.  I never would have dreamed that I'd be this lucky!
These brothers love their little sister :)
 Big One month old!



  1. She's gorgeous... always knew you'd make a great mom

  2. She's gorgeous... always knew you'd make a great mom

  3. She's gorgeous... always knew you'd make a great mom