Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jump Zone

Today we met our friend Asher for an afternoon of bouncing fun at Jump Zone.  This was our first time and I can't believe that we haven't been before now!  The boys had a great time.  It was so cute to watch them follow one another around.  They really look out for each other.  Once they got the hang of it all they went their separate ways, but they didn't stray far from one another.  Asher played so nice with them too.  This summer is going to be so much fun with all of our two year old friends.

Here are some action shots from today.  They aren't the best.  You imagine trying to get a good shot of a two year old jumping like a crazy person!
Rosemary was slightly unimpressed with it all!
 Having fun in Spongebob...
 Finding Nemo
 Going down the slide head first!
The three Amigos! 
 Jumping in Nemo
 Now you see him...
 Brothers stick together
 A little driving time.
 This was the FUNNIEST thing.  The boys were trying to climb up the steep stairs, but one would fall and wipe the other two out.  They laughed so hard!  Then they would all get up and try it again.
 Finally made it to the top and then down they go!
 Shoes on and ready to head home.  Until next time!

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