Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tricks/Snow

Now presenting the one of a kind Fletchasaurs and the mighty Andersonian,
performing their new tricks!

Trick #1: Rubbing their eyes when they are sleepy... oh, too cute :)

Trick #2: Looking at one another and giggling.

Trick #3: Sleeping in their big boy beds from 8:30-7 (Praise the LORD!!!)

Trick #4: Eating rice cereal and getting between their toes, up their nose, and in their ears... bath time is a MUST afterwards.

Trick #5: Sitting nice and tall in their Bumbos. Anderson's legs are so fat they get stuck! Baby diet in the future?
Sporting our Green Bay green! Go Packers :)
Fletch 16lbs 25 inches... Anderson 15lbs 25 inches!

Now for a look at my snow bunnies!
Kale's snow excursion... a.k.a. taking out the trash!

Benjamin's Snowman

Abby's Snowman


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