Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days and Sweet Potatoes

Holy cow! It is snowing like crazy today. Needless to say, NO SCHOOL to be had :). So far today we have been mildly productive. The beds have been made, showers taken, and lunch fixed. As for anything else, I think not! Mopping would be a great accomplishment, but I'd rather hold babies, nap by the fire, and catch up on the blog!
The dogs feel the same way.
This afternoon we gave the boys their first taste of sweet potatoes. Before we began I made a 4oz bottle for each of them and told Kale that we should only feed them half of the serving at lunch and we could finish it off for dinner. Well, the boys weren't having ANY of that. They devoured the entire serving of potatoes and finished off their bottles! Enjoy these precious pictures :)

None left!
And some yummy milk to wash it down!


  1. girl, those are the cutest boys ever. they are little chunks! why don't you slip and slide over to my place and all the kiddos can have a play date. i would love to see Esme next to them. enjoy your bonus days home with them.

  2. Great idea feeding them with their clothes OFF! I wish I would have thought of that.