Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Those of you who use Facebook... you have heard this so you can stop reading now!

A few weeks ago the boys went to an open call for a diaper commercial that will be used for the United Way diaper drive in a few months. The video is finally together! Here is a sneak peak. It will not air for awhile still... but I can't wait that long to share it with everyone. The boys are the two little ones shown in the first frame. They are on either side of the little girl.

I also just got word that we won a photo contest! I had submitted a silly holiday photo to LiveLight! media and we won movie tickets! Now... who is going to volunteer to watch the darlings so mommy and daddy can go watch a movie?!?! Here is the picture I submitted.

What a great night.
What a great day!
No school for tomorrow. The only thing on the agenda is working on Valentine's Day shirts for the gentlemen. Stay warm everyone. :)


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