Sunday, November 21, 2010

ONE Month!

Yesterday was the boys one month birthday! I can't believe how fast these past four weeks have flown by. To celebrate we went and had their pictures taken. You know that they just loved that! It is my goal to have their pictures made every month for the first year. We will see how that goes :) Kale and I made these cute onesies with 1's on them... for 1 month. The pictures turned out cute, but I will admit that the newborn pictures were much easier to take. At five days old they didn't move as much or have as much of an opinion of how they wanted to be positioned! Let's just say I'm glad our photographer, Meagan, is so patient!

Here is a rundown of what the boys have been like in their first month.

Let's start with Fletcher... after all he is the big brother (by two minutes).
Fletcher is a S..L..O..W eater. He is our gassy one. The little guy has huge hands! He is a great sleeper during the day and anytime after 2 am. However, between the hours of 10 and 2 he enjoys wide eye time! The bad news is that is when Mommy enjoys SLEEPING! Fletch is a strong little guy. He can already lift his head and look around. He has done his fair share of faceplants into my shoulder. Fletcher is very vocal. He grunts and enjoys making noises that sound like goats! I must say they are the cutest goat noises I've ever heard though :)

Anderson loves to eat. He gobbles up his bottles. Anderson enjoys his awake time. He will just sit and look around. He likes to swing in his swing and will entertain himself by chewing on his fingers. Anderson is a great sleeper at all of the appropriate sleeping times! He is not nearly as vocal as Fletch, but has started to make a few more noises. He too is very strong and loves tummy time.

The boys enjoy our daily outings. When Kale gets home we always go somewhere to get out of the house for a little bit. I do believe their favorite place to go is Target. Who doesn't like Target?! Today we had mom and Abby with us. We got one of the super carts with the child seats attached to the front of it. Abby and all of her Pet Shop toys were in the front part then we had the boys taking up the entire cart part. I called it the "Kid Train!" Wish I had a picture... it was quite the sight.

This weekend the boys went to their second wedding. They were very well behaved. When we got home I laid them down in their big boy beds to stretch out for a little bit.

We leave on Tuesday for Texas. This will be the boys first road trip. Boy do I hope it goes smoothly!


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  1. I like the sleeping pictures -- my little girl has always liked to sleep with her hands straight above her head!