Monday, March 21, 2011

Eureka Excursion

Today we took a day trip to Eureka Springs. It was so BEAUTIFUL outside. We started the day with lunch at the Basin Park Hotel. Then we walked around and enjoyed the wonderful weather and one of a kind shops. The boys were so well behaved. They loved walking around and looking at everything. After about an half an hour of walking Anderson passed out! I had to hold his head up so it didn't flop all around! On our way out of town we ran into Kale's dad, brother, and granddad. That was a cool surprise. :)

Since the weather was so nice I went ahead and weeded the flowerbeds and prepared for a new load of mulch. That will be our job tomorrow! The poor beds were very neglected last year. Mainly because I was so huge I couldn't bend over to do any work in them. Thankfully, my mom helped keep them up for me. I am happy I can work in them again this year. It is so nice to have a beautiful yard.

Here are pictures from our excursion...
Dad and Fletch at lunch.
Mommy and Rony at lunch!
What Kale would look like if he were a marsupial.
Sleeping Rony-Roo.

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