Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter on May Day

Today we had our Easter celebration. Mom, bros, sisters, and Gma came over after church. It was a fantastic first Easter!

We hunted eggs and ate bunny cake. Don't worry, it isn't made out of real bunnies :)

Kale and I had so much fun dragging the boys around to find their eggs. They did a good job grabbing them. After egg hunting the gentlemen took their nap and the grown ups played wii.

When they woke up, the boys painted their own eggs. They loved playing in the paint!

Then after their baths they took a ride around the house in their cool new wagon! Thanks Lolly and Pop. We love it!

Wonderful day! AND... today is Mamaw's 90th birthday! Happy Bday Mamaw. We love you so much :) Have a great week everyone.


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