Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 months :)

Well, we are actually going to be seven months old in about a week, but we just had our sixth month check up last week. Here is the update!

Fletcher: 27 inches long
19.3 lbs
90th percentile for length and height
Anderson: 27 inches long
21.3 lbs
97th percentile for length and height

Both boys are sitting, still a bit wobbly.

They love their toys and bouncing in the jumperoo. They are speedy fast in their walker. Anderson can now go forward and in reverse. Fletcher is a reverse only guy for now!

They are eating solid foods three times a day, drinking juice, and cutting back on formula.
They like to hold hands while eating in their high chairs. Some nights I have to turn them away from one another so that they will stop trying to grab each other's hand.

Fletch can roll from back to belly and back with no problem. His favorite time to roll is when you are trying to change his diaper! Anderson is a little chubbier and gets stuck on his side when trying to roll. He will get there soon though!

They can both grab tiny things and are starting to become more aware of object permanence. I have been trying to get them used to, "Mommy will be right back." when I leave the room to get them not to cry!

Baby Einstein is a life saver during dinner preparation time!

They LOVE their evening walks. Almost every time Fletcher falls asleep on the second block. Anderson loves to look ALL around and talk as he rides.

Overall, they are doing great. All is perfect and wonderful. Our family is counting down the days until summer! Bring on the pool, outside naps, and red stained faces from popsicles!

Here are some 6 month pics...
Fletchman in his walker.
Hold my hand bro!
Good boy, Fletcher!
Veggin' out to Baby Einstein!
Diaper changing time!


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