Saturday, July 23, 2011

9 months!

Today the boys turned 9 months old. Hard to believe! These past months have flown by. Kale and I aren't sure why, but today was extra special to us. Every month has been celebrated and welcomed excitedly, but this month seemed to be extra special. Maybe it is the fact that they have been out in this world as long as they were in my belly. OR maybe it is just because we are so super excited for their birthday that we needed some excuse to celebrate a little early! Either way we had an amazingly fun family day today.

After lunch

We went shopping for our new Fall clothes. All of which were size 18 months! We had to restrain ourselves because we will be in Little Rock next weekend and plan on hitting up Babies R Us for their huge Fall blowout sale. Can't wait!

Little Stevie Wonder
We also went to Toys R Us and got a new truck and a ball pit. Why a ball pit... not too sure! All I know is that the men LOVE it. Here are a few pictures of them with the new toy, and a short video.

Target was one of our last stops and then we ended our day with frozen yogurt at Yum Yos. Delicious. :) Of course we had birthday cake yogurt.

After a day of going going, we are happy to be at home. I am so proud of how much my little men have learned in this short amount of time. What a blessing they are! We have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'll fill everyone in with the newest stats and I'm working on a really cute post full of videos of all our new tricks. Check back Wednesday night.

I'll leave you with one sneak peak of one of Fletchman's newest tricks. Unfortunately, I taped it the wrong way... just turn your head sideways! Have a great night.


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