Wednesday, July 27, 2011

9 Month Update and Doctor's Appointment

Today we had our 9 month checkup. The boys are doing fantastic. Fletcher weighs 22 lbs and Anderson is right at 23 lbs. Both of them were 28.5 inches long. Nice, big, healthy boys. They are not crawling yet, but they get where they want to go!
Fletchman, Fletchasaurus, F Mac:
* roar
*splash in the bathtub
* scoot around on his bottom
*eat snacks
* drink from a sippy cup
* jump in his jumperoo
* make himself sit up from laying down on his back
Rooster, Rony, Danger, Roo:
* clap
*walk EVERYWHERE in his walker
*eat snacks
* scoot around on his belly
* hold his own bottle!
* drink from a sippy cup
*put blocks into containers
*bite things with his 8 teeth, even his brother :)
Both boys are still on a great schedule. They wake around 7 and go down for the night around 7:30. They are eating three meals a day and only drinking three bottles, 18 oz a day. They love fish and chicken noodle. Those are probably their favorite right now. We are working on getting rid of our pacifiers. I try to only give them to them at night or during naptime. Our goal is to have them gone by our first birthday!
At the doctor today, the boys had the most fun on the examination table. They LOVED the paper that they sat upon. Fletcher liked to kick it and Rooster loved tearing it up to eat it. They had fun playing with daddy too.

The boys have been so adventurous lately. They are just too cute to handle! They are learning all kinds of new tricks.
I left them on the square playmat while I went out of the room for less than five minutes. When I returned, the playmat was no longer together and the boys had scattered!
Belly crawler
I spy two rotten boys :)
Since they are apparently no longer happy sitting in one place... I popped open the outlet plugs and spent the evening plugging away!
Rooster has found a new hideout... under the chair.
Fletcher now LOVES headbutting the dog. Oh, she loves it too!
They love to play with eachother.

Here is Fletch in mid "ROAR."

And we love to make noise in the bath!

On that note... have a good night everyone. Tomorrow we have 9 month pictures!


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