Friday, June 28, 2013

Baseball and Stats

Last night we joined Carrie and Patrick for a great Naturals game.

 Patrick scored us super sweet seats.  The boys had the best time watching the players warm up and play.

 They cheered and hollered at them, they yelled so loud we even got one to throw us a ball!

Since we were on the very front row we made the BIG tv a couple of times... famous!  It was hot, but once the sun went down it wasn't too bad.  The game got over pretty late, so we thought the boys would pass out on the way home.  WRONG!  They talked about the players and the game the entire way home.  They really liked the part when daddy caught the baseball.  That was a huge hit!
Rosemary had her appointment today.  
Weight: 16.04lbs
Height: 24.5
Doc seemed pretty happy with everything.  We have been referred to an orthopedic specialist to have her feet looked at.  They were bent so far in when she was born that they are having a little trouble straightening out.  Doc didn't notice at first, but I asked him to check a little closer and he decided to go ahead and have her looked at.  I hope it will be an easy fix that won't be painful for her.  Overall, she is healthy and just perfect in this Mommy's eyes.

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