Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post for Papaw

Well, this is a post of randomness. Mainly because I need to get videos and pictures up for my dad who lives in Houston. So here we go...

1st: When at a restaurant, Anderson would rather eat the bag of wipes than his food.

2nd: Fletcher now thinks it is cooler to try to suck his pacifier BACKWARDS while making growling noises. A.K.A Mighty Fletchasaurus noises.

3rd: When eating teething biscuits, a mess is a necessity.

4th: Who said they were to old to play bumper cars? Every morning during our outside play it is a battle of the walkers. The dogs have learned to stay away!

5th: Anderson has a new trick. He can wave! Not on command, but anything and everything that is in his hands!

6th: Last, no matter how big they are... naps are still very important!

Come see us Papaw. You need to come swim with us and we will take you for a wagon ride. Mommy will even sing the "Going for a Ride in My Little Red Wagon" song. We miss you!! Your bed is waiting... well, the cat is keeping it warm for you!


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