Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Yesterday we celebrated Kale's first Father's Day! It was grand. The boys and I started the morning off by serving Daddy breakfast in bed. We thought outside of the pancake or egg box, and went for his favorite food... Chinese! We then gave him his card and new pocket knife. I've never seen him wake up happier. After some play time, we got ready for church and headed out to start our day.
Harriet was super patient and took this awesome family picture of us after the service.

Once we left church we went by to visit Mamie. She had knee replacement surgery last Tuesday and was just moved to a rehabilitation facility. I think it really made her happy to see the little men. It was great to see her too. Prayers for a speedy recovery would be great! So far she is doing stellar.

Then we went out to lunch to Lin's Garden. Yes, more Chinese food! Kale's FAVORITE. The boys had their first taste of noodles, rice, won tons, and a mix of ham, peas and some pudding to top it all off. Daddy, Fletch, and Anderson were so stuffed when we left that we had no choice but to go home and take a big fat family nap. Mommy was ready for a nap too! After we awoke from our food induced coma, we went for a walk on the Crystal Bridges trail in Bentonville. It was very hot outside, but there was an amazing breeze that made it tolerable.

After a hike... the only logical choice was to go get ice cream! And after ice cream, the best thing to do is to go swimming; and that's how we ended our day... a nice dip in the pool. Overall, it was a great day. The most important part was letting Kale know just how much we appreciate him. He is a wonderful husband and a SPECTACULAR daddy. The boys and I are SO lucky to have him. Hats off to you hunny! We love you.

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