Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

What a whirlwind of a week! This past week was my last week of school! It was a great school year with wonderful kids, but I was ready for a break. Mostly to be home with these two sweet baby boys! I know the summer is going to fly by, but I plan on making the most of every single day. So far it has started off in the best way. Kale took off Friday, my first day off. He went out to G-town with me to double check that my classroom was packed up and ready to sit for two months! Then we went out on a dinner date that evening. Thanks Lolly and Pop for watching the men ;)
Saturday we went to a birthday party for our little cousin Taylor in the morning and then headed to my friend Tabby's baby shower. She is an expecting mommy of twins. How special! She's in for a treat. After a day of running we parked it at home for dinner and Tonka and Sarah came over to eat and help pull weeds in the flower bed. That's hard work! It looks SOOOO nice now.
Today, we went to the early service at church and then Sunday school. After worship we headed to Target for formula for the week and then the mall for new swim trunks.

BIG Boys!
Daddy is so funny!
Who? Me?!
Shopping makes him sing songs!
Silly Boy
Cute and Slobbery!
Snack Break

After shopping we came home and rested. Notice that I didn't say napped! The boys were so sleepy, but didn't want to lay down. We compromised and rested while watching Baby Einstein. The boys get glued to that DVD. They LOVE it!

After resting time we went out and swam in our pool. They had a great time splashing one another. I can hear it already... "Mom... Fletcher won't stop splashing me!"

After pool time the boys ate dinner and then went to meet Lolly, Pop, and Uncle Cracker for dinner. Once we were home it took no time at all to get the men into bed. They were exhausted!

Sweet sleeping toes.
We already have a busy first week of summer planned. Tomorrow we are meeting Kale for lunch in Fayetteville. Tuesday Tonka and the kids are coming over to play. Wednesday I am working at the church in the morning. Thursday we are hosting a play date. Friday we are most likely going to the pool. GREAT start to a MARVELOUS summer! I hope everyone has a great week.

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