Monday, June 27, 2011

Sticky, Yummy, Tasty, Watermelon

The boys had their first taste of watermelon tonight. Fletchman loved it! He especially liked chomping down on the rind. I think it felt good on his gums. Anderson was not so impressed with the whole thing. He kept waving his hands. I don't think he liked the sticky part. After a bit he got more used to it and decided it was pretty tasty. Of course, I had the camera. Here are way too many pictures of the two hot sticky messes!

Holding it like a pro!
Yummy mommy.
This is the best part.
Not too sure about this.
Okay, it isn't so bad now!

Kale does the lawn on Tuesdays, so the boys had fun pulling up the chicken feet Bermuda grass. That stuck well to their watermelon covered tummies!

With the combination of grass and watermelon covering their tiny bodies, there was only one place for them to go... straight into the tub! Baths are almost too much fun for the boys. More water ends up out than in the tub.

Great night at the Farmer house. We hope everyone had a great Monday!


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