Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome Summer

Today marks another end of a successful school year.  This was also a tiny milestone in my teaching career, ending my fifth year! This past year was full of great lessons, awesome modules, terrific teamwork, and incredible students.  I feel confident that all 21 of my kiddos will achieve and succeed to their greatest potential next year in third grade.  I am very proud of the group that I had, and am anxious to meet my upcoming class.

My guys took me out to dinner tonight.  We ate at the Flying Fish in Bentonville and it was tres yummy!  After dinner they gave me a little gift.  Some "cool mom" shorts and a new Razorback t-shirt.
Kale said that since I am going to be a Razorback in the Fall I needed some new gear!  That's right, grad school here I come :)

Until then, I plan on soaking up all 88 days of my summer vacation.  I feel it has been well earned! 
I wish all my teacher friends a safe and happy break.  I will anxiously await all your summer stories when we meet again in August.


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