Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This time of the year is so hectic at school I had to take a little break from work and Fletcher and I baked peanut butter cookies.  He was a great help.  His favorite part was using the handheld mixer... it's more fun than the KitchenAid because it vibrates your fingers!

They turned out delicious!  We made them for our friend Carrie.  The only thing is there are only 5 left!  The boys REALLY liked them... like two and a half cookies each liked them!  Oh well, I'm sure she will enjoy her 3 :)

While F-Mac and I were slaving away, Rooster was practicing his cup stacking skills.  I was mighty impressed.  He stacked from biggest to smallest, a pyramid, and them unstacked, putting them inside of one another.  Way to go Rooster!
Have a great night everyone.

I stumbled along this picture tonight... just wanted to share a favorite!

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