Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dinner Progression

Kale and I have experienced a wide variety of "dinner" times in our short 4 years and 11months of marriage.
From the beginning we have tried to get ourselves in the habit of eating at the table.  We started with the newlywed dinners.  You know, the wife attempts to have a home-cooked meal ready and waiting when her husband gets home from work.  This isn't just dinner, it's a whole spread, complete with a fresh cake for desert.

Then we moved into the, we both have jobs and are making money, while living in an apartment, let's hit up Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday and Thursdays for 60 cent wings, and various fast food chains to fill in the other days of the week.   Not real big on saving money like we should have been during that stage!

Next was the we just bought a new car and a house stage, thus resulting in pizza rolls, grilled cheese, and frozen 88 cent burritos.  Anything cheap!

Following that stage, which lasted a bit to long to be healthy, we got pregnant!  Back to good healthy dinners, minus the dessert (ice cream doesn't count ;) )  This was a fun stage.  We cooked together a lot and had fun trying new recipes.  It seems like every night was something new, except for the once to two times a week we ate at Abuelo's.  What can I say, the boys like Mexican food!

Then we had the boys.  Dinners were not eaten until about 9 o'clock at night as we were about to climb into bed.  We'd look at each other and comment on how hungry we were, just to remember we hadn't eaten yet!  So, we'd scramble an egg or do some other late night cooking and chow down at the table before we hit the sheets. 

 Now we are at the newest most interesting stage yet; teaching toddlers how to sit at the table, use a fork, and attempt to have manners.  Challenging, yes!  Boring, no!  The men are doing great.  They are loving using forks.  They really are doing a good job at it.  Tonight they had steak, apples, mac and cheese, garlic bread, and milk.  I know, I know, nothing green.  Wal Mart trip will be tomorrow!  Here is a little peep at what dinner time with the Farmer Fam is like these days.

Hope you had a great dinner, and your bellies are full; our's sure are :)


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