Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun in Bella Vista

This week is Police Appreciation Week!  Since our Pop just happens to be the Chief in Bella Vista, we went out to visit him tonight and show a little appreciation.  The boys had a grand time.  They got to sit in a police car, a police Ranger, and explore a fire truck!  Anderson had the best time "driving" all of them, while Fletch was a little more cautious and enjoyed looking and taking it all in.

 BIG firetruck

Cool ride Pop!
 Farmer Line Up!
 Being cute at dinner.
When we came home Kale mowed and the boys and I played out front.  We got out their John Deere gator.  I plugged in the battery and it only took seconds for them to figure out how to drive it!  Let's just say they are a dangerous pair.  Kale got his foot ran over and I have a tire burn on my leg.  I got that while chasing them down the driveway trying to get Rooster's foot off the gas.  We still have some skills to master before 16!
Watch out!
 Fletcher was trying to fix it!  Smart cookie :)


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