Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, we made it through our second Christmas. This year was much more involved than last year. I remember sleeping babies and lots of snuggling last year... this year, chasing and playing were the two main events! It was perfect. The boys had an amazing second Christmas. Here is a brief run down of our festivities.

Christmas Eve is spent with my family. My mom, the kids, and grandma Carol came over yesterday afternoon for some fun and games, eating, church, and of course... PRESENTS! We all had a great time being together. The boys love playing with their Uncle Sam, Aunt Abby, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Sarah. It is nice for us too because they keep them very entertained.
The little men got so many great presents, thank you Gaga and Tonka! Aunt Sarah made them the most adorable hats. She is so talented!
Kale and I have the boys three gifts each, after all... that's how many Jesus got on his birthday! Here are them and their three presents.
Gift 1
Gift 2
Gift 3
Gift 1
Gift 2
Gift 3
Kale and I also got three presents each. Kale got Under Armor pants, Blue Man Group tickets and a Razorback Bequette jersey! I got a Columbia jacket, watch, and a Nike sweatshirt and pants. I will spare you pictures of our gifts :)
That night we cleaned up the house and make our cookies for Santa. We left him three reindeer noses and a glass of milk. From the looks of it he sure enjoyed them! The boys slept until almost 8! When they awoke Lolly, Pop, and Uncle Jake were here to see what Santa had brought. We had a great time playing with all our new toys.
Aunt Carrie and Uncle Kris came over soon after Lolly and Pop, and so did Nay Nay, Uncle Ron, and Mamie. We had great family time and yummy breakfast casseroles. It was a perfect way to start out Christmas morning. Of course there were more presents, and we thank all of
you for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts. The boys are so lucky to have such an amazing family, and so are we. I can't wait to use my new steam mop!!!!
After a HUGE nap we headed over to Carrie's house to be with the rest of Kale's family. The men got to see all of their aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course GiGi and Granddaddy! Of course... more food, and more gifts. It was fun playing with all the younger kiddos and watching the boys mix and mingle.
Peek-a boo!
Now we are home. In the toy scattered living room, watching the boys play and waiting for the Packers game to start! I am so thankful for our families, my babies, and my husband.
Merry Christmas everyone. God is SO good.


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