Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parenting Farmer Style

So, Kale has a new parenting style he wants us to attempt. Unusual, yes... here it is.

Think football. Instead of just saying no all the time we use the following calls to let the boys know exactly what they have done wrong. The motions will help to reinforce the call and will be able to be used in a public setting to let the boys know they are in trouble and why without raising our voices.
  • Personal foul (unnecessary roughness, spearing, etc.): An example of actions resulting in this call would be unprovoked aggressiveness, hitting, kicking, shoving, biting etc. Results in 15 yard* penalty.
  • More about personalfoul
  • Holding: not sharing toys. 5 yard* penalty and loss of toy.
  • More about holding
  • Delay of game: Refusing to get dressed/ready to leave, resulting in the family running late to their destination. 5 yard* penalty to be assessed when we return home.
  • More about delayofgame
  • Illegal contact: Intentionally touching simply to annoy/bother. 5 yard* penalty.
  • More about illegalcontact
  • Offsides: Being found somewhere the were specifically told not to be. 5 yard* penalty.
  • More about offside
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: Includes talking back, whining, and fit throwing. 15 yard* penalty.
  • More about unsportsmanlikeconduct
*Each penalty "yard" indicates a lap around our yard. We are still brainstorming on how to apply this to babies who can't quite walk yet. Time-outs will likely be substituted.
More about timeout

Not sure if this plan will be successful, but we are willing to give it a try! We'll keep you updated.

I can just see it...in a few years Kale will have me carrying yellow flags in my waistband, wearing black and white striped shirts, and replacing our hardwood floors with astroturf! I guess it's a good thing God blessed me with two boys!


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  1. I think this is awesome! I'm anxious to know exactly what the penalty yardage means. Is that the length of time they're in timeout? Whatever it is I hope this catches on I would love to see people out and about using these calls, haha!