Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Tonight we had a lot of fun hanging out at home. It started with a play session on the floor, which led to a massive toy mess all over the freshly cleaned living room floor! While playing I got our first video of Rooster saying his new word... "tickle!"

Then we had a great dinner which consisted of whole grain rice. The men had rice between fingers, in their hair, up their noses, and even between toes! don't ask... I'm not sure how that happened! A bath was to follow. Most nights the men get bubbles in their bath, but for some reason tonight Anderson was just amazed by them. And apparently they tasted delicious! Take a look :)

After baths we and played in our swings for about 5 minutes. We cut it a little short tonight since it was pretty chilly out there. Yes, I said CHILLY! How awesome is that, feeling like fall!

Now, we are lounging on the couch and enjoying the open window feel with the wonderful cool breeze. Men are tucked away and snoozing right along. Tomorrow is Thursday... and that is one day closer to the weekend. Have a good night everyone!

I almost forgot! We have a new pet... Can you find it?
Kale found it on the doorstep this afternoon. YIKES!

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