Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Date

Last night, Kale and I went with Nick and Ashley to the Razorback game. We had a wonderful time! It had rained ALL day long... steady, but cleared up about 45 minutes before kick off. Proof that the Man upstairs is a Hog fan :) The weather was perfect football weather. A little wet, but nice and cool. We had wonderful seats right behind the team on the 30 yard line, 7th row.

The Hogs won, but I wouldn't say we played "good." In fact, I'm a little nervous about next week's game against Bama. Hopefully our little Piggies can pull it off!

One of my goals of the evening was to get a picture of Petrino NOT screaming and red-faced... I pretty much failed. Lolly came over to watch the men for the evening. I think that they all had an enjoyable time. They were snuggled in nice and tight when we got home. Thanks Lolly :)

My family, the Cook side, are HUGE A&M fans. Each year we meet up for the Southwest Classic in Dallas for some family and football time. It is fun to tailgate in our opposing team gear and give one another a hard time. The thing with family is in the end... we still love one another!

My Papaw's name was Glyn B Cook. Everyone called him B. We noticed that the Razorbacks have a G Cook and a B Cook on the team!
B Cook #74
G Cook #72
How about the Aggies? Do you have a G or B Cook on your team? Don't think so! Even more reason to be a Razorback fan :) We can't wait for the game on Oct. 1st. It will be so good to see and hang out with my cousins. They are the best. We are bummed that we will have to miss our twin friends 1st birthday though. Easton and Addilyn, we will have to have another make up party for you :)

Speaking of parties, we got two of our five Amazon boxes in at the end of the week. We now have party hats and yellow forks and spoons! Birthday planning is in full gear.


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