Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

This past weekend we took the Duo to Newton County for their first Labor Day. They had a great time living it up in the cabin and hanging out with the fam. We left right after we fed them dinner on Friday evening and got to the cabin around 8ish. That was just enough time to run wild in our walkers, get loves from everyone, and be tucked away for the night. We awoke early Saturday morning to Pop's delicious cooking. The boys love their scrambled eggs. Especially with cheese on top! After breakfast we all loaded up and took off for Lost Valley. The double stroller is a little hard to maneuver so we broke out the single three-wheelers! They worked great on the trail. Anderson thought they were so comfy, he even took a nap on the way back to the cars.
After we got back from hiking, we grabbed a bite to eat and had a little resting time. When the men got up we met everyone out at the river. They LOVE to swim, and had a blast in the water with Daddy, Lolly, and Pop. We had to keep an eye on the time, knowing the Razorback game started at 6. We made it back just in time to turn on the radio. The rest of the evening was spent snacking, relaxing and cheering for those HOGS!
On Sunday we went into Jasper and walked around town. The weather was so beautiful that we spent as much time outside as we could. That evening we ate out at the Ozark Cafe. We go there every year, and every year it is just as yummy! Then we returned to the cabin and were entertained by the men jousting with river noodles! Fun had by all :)
This morning we packed up and headed back to the big city. When we got home we quickly unloaded, started laundry, cleaned the house (dusted, vacuumed, dishes, etc.) mowed, edged, weeded the flower bed, and made a Wal Mart run. After WM, mom stuck around and helped me whip out trays of baby food for the next week or so. All in all, we got an entire weekends worth of chores done by 3:30 this afternoon! Since then we have been enjoying the freshly mowed grass and playing outside. What a GORGEOUS day it has been. I am so thankful for family and beautiful days like today. Well, hope everyone had a great extended weekend. Hope the rest of the week will go by quickly and happily for everyone.


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  1. I just wrote something...I don't know where it went. Anyway

    I love this! This makes me so happy! I love that the boys get the chance to play outside and get dirty! You guys are doing a great job! They look great and the rest of the family looks great!
    Love Kelsie