Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prom and Dogwoods

This weekend was packed! We stayed put Saturday morning and let the boys have some "at home" play time. I would have liked to go shopping or running around, but I knew the men needed some relax time. They had a great time playing with the dogs and bouncing in their bouncy seats.


Saturday afternoon the boys got dressed up and took their very first prom pictures! Their date? Miss Amanda Denver. They all looked stunning in their skull and cross bone apparel.

After pictures Kale and I had the pleasure of going to the Lincoln Day Dinner with Grandma, Granddaddy, Dorothy, Kenny, Sara, and Eric. It was fun to hear all the history, eat great food, and get dressed up!

Today we had a lazy Sunday. Kale played percussion at the second service. The boys had eaten in the nursery during Sunday school so while we waited for daddy to get done playing the boys snoozed on momma! My arms were so tired!

After church we all took a looooong nap! How nice it was :) Then we went to Mamie's for dinner to celebrate Jake's 16th birthday. You can't go wrong with family and good food on a Sunday afternoon. As we were leaving we snapped some cute pictures in front of Mamie's beautiful Dogwood. Easter is right around the corner!

Well, Fletch isn't feeling too hot. Say a little prayer for him. I'm sure he will be getting better soon. Everyone have a great week.

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