Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Shirts and a Sunday

Yesterday, the boys and I went to Hobby Lobby to get material to make Easter shirts and Easter baskets. Kale and I decided that even though this is the first Easter the men HAD to have baskets... since they can't scoot or run to collect eggs, we decided to go small and simple. After all, this is the last "small and simple" Easter we will have for many years! We saw so many cute baskets that we wanted to get, but we decided colorful pails would work just wonderfully this year. Next year the rascals can help pick out what they would like to have! Here is a look at what we decided on. We stuck an A and a F on them so the Easter bunny would know the difference.

We also worked on little Easter shirts last night. We stayed up extra late to get them all finished for church today. I thought they turned out pretty cute. One is a truck carrying and egg. The other is a choo-choo with an egg.

We got the boys dressed this morning for church and then this happened. Thus resulting in another outfit change!

Silly Momma, didn't screw the lid on the bottle all the way!!

After church the men stopped by to visit Lolly and Pop for a little bit. Then we stopped by Tonka's house, and now we are home. Boys are napping and Kale an I are enjoying the beautiful day. Windows open and fresh air flowing! Daphne is also fond of the wonderful breeze.

When the boys wake up we are going to go out for a walk. Maybe that will be a whole new post! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


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