Monday, April 4, 2011

Hubby to the Rescue

Well, today was the beginning of a "marathon" of a week. Monday- conferences from 4-7; Tuesday- conferences from 3-6; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ITBS testing! Mom stayed late today with the boys until Kale got home. Thanks mom :) Tomorrow Mamie and Renee will pull the late shift until daddy arrives. Thanks in advance Mam and Renee!

Today was a busy and slightly stressful day. I think my main problem was that I knew I wouldn't be home until late. Therefore, less time with my boys. Made me a bit cranky. Well, to make the day a little better I received these BEAUTIFUL flowers from the most wonderful men in my life. I LOVED reading the card from Fletcher, Anderson, and Kale. It was the coolest thing.

Kale was solo on dinner duty tonight. He said the boys ate like champs. When he went to get a warm wash cloth to clean them up he came back to Fletchman rubbing his face with his bib. Yes, on his bib was cereal. Yes, on his face was the cereal from his bib! Here is a pretty cute picture of the incident!

Now, we are all tuckered out. Boys are snuggled up in bed and we aren't far behind. Tomorrow will be another long day, but it will be over soon enough! I looked at pictures of the blog a lot today. Helped the day move on seeing those sweet faces.


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