Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sock Thief...CAUGHT!

It never fails that the boys are often missing socks after swinging in their swings. Well today the culprit was caught! Daphne has a way of getting the socks off their feet without biting them or waking them up. Pretty smart wiener dog :) Here is the evidence...
Missing sock...

Found it!

Here are some pictures from our day today. It was a great one. The boys took an awesome nap in their "big boy" beds. Mommy got the house cleaned and laundry done, and dinner is next on the list. I hope everyone else had a good day. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be another good one. We have 2 month shots... and mommy is a little nervous. Enjoy the pics.

It is so much better to nap with two pacifiers! You always need a back-up.

Love this shirt. So glad it finally fits :)

What a HAM!
My beautiful boy, talkin' away!

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