Thursday, January 13, 2011

God's Time

This picture has NOTHING to do with the topic of this blog. It's cute though... thought I'd share. I did NOT pose the boys. Brothers think alike :)

It is amazing how God works his magic. Well, okay, he doesn't really do "magic" but that it was it seems like sometimes! When you sit back and let Him have control of your life it is simply amazing what can happen. Now, by no means am I saying I have given up complete control to God. That is a goal of mine that has not been completely accomplished! I can say that I am trying to do better though, and I'm sure he appreciates that :) I also think that it is amazing how blessings come in so many different forms. It takes a lot to realize that everything happens for a reason, and not always the way we want it to be. At times we truly should be thankful for unanswered prayers. Kale and prayed for a child for three years, but we had to learn that our prayer would be answered in God's time... not our time! And boy, was it worth the wait!!

Today I was up at school for class pictures. I was talking with one of our secretaries whose niece just went through her first round of IVF. Unfortunately, the embryo did not take. I can only imagine how this lady must feel. To put your entire heart into something and then have it not turn out the way you hoped, devastating... completely devastating. All I can do is continue to pray for her and her husband. My prayer is not that they get pregnant this next round, but instead that they are given the strength and faith to take and accept what God has in store for them.

One of my best friends called me today. From the moment she said "Hello...." I knew exactly what was about to come out of her mouth. TWINS! That's right, after years of trying and wanting nothing more than to have a baby, she is expecting twins. I am so happy for Tabby and Josh. Tabby knew she wanted kids... she just had to learn to wait and leave it to happen on God's time! Totally worth the wait! Those are going to be two lucky babies :)

I guess the moral of this blog is count your blessings and be patient! Just because something doesn't turn out just how you want it to don't start the prayers of complaint, but instead the "Okay Lord... you've got this one... help me follow!"

After my hair appointment we went to dinner with the still in shock expecting parents. The boys had their first taste of a pickle. If I can get the video to upload I'll add it on here later. Until then here is a picture of Anderson and his pickle face!


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