Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today we celebrated with family and a few close friends the news of our upcoming baby GIRL.  We had a great time together and I believe everyone was pleasantly surprised :)  This is going to be one tough girl with twin big brothers!  We are overjoyed and so thankful for yet another blessing bigger than words.
The ultrasound was perfect.  Little Rosemary is very active and loves to curl up in a ball.  Everything measured perfectly and looked great.  Since Lolly has an inside connection with the US tech we got tons of pictures and about ten minutes of extra time.  Thanks Lolly ;)
We were missing a few people... Pop, Jake and Carrie were at a scouting event, Aunt Sarah's in college, and Papaw and Grammie were at home in Texas.  We sent a present with the scouting crew to open up today to reveal the gender and were sure to Skype with our Texas crew to break the news.  Aunt Sarah will be home in a couple of weeks and will get to see ultrasound pictures then! G. Carol was working at the bookstore, but got to stop by when she got off!
Here are some snaps of the day.
Whoo's it going to be?

 Pinata, waiting to reveal the verdict!
 Spilling the beans!  Inside were little pink and purple owls.
 Excited Crew
 Afterwards Fletch and Roo were hitting the pinata.  Practicing for their birthday!
Some of team Pink... a few had escaped before the picture.
 The lonely few of team Blue.
 Holding the pink and purple owls from the pinata!  Two happy parents :)
 Thanks Lolly for the pink feet.  I think I'm going to need another bracelet   
Enjoy your Sunday everyone.  I'm sure we will still be on cloud 9!  Thanks for all the sweet text messages and comments on Facebook.  I have the best friends!

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