Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bday Dinner at Shogun

Last night we went to dinner at Shogun to celebrate the duo's big TWO!  We go as a family often to have sushi and rice, but usually just sit at the tables across from the grill.  The boys love the rice and noodles!  This was their second time at the grill... first time to really know what was going on.  When we go, they love to watch the onion choo choo train and the action that goes along with the grill.  Unfortunately this time it wasn't so enjoyable. Here's a rundown.  
It started off great with checking out the "waterfall" at the front of the restaurant.
 Then they had fun banging their chopsticks like drumsticks and acting like hams for the camera.
 Except for the serious one that would only smile AFTER the picture was taken!
 Then we tried some shots with mommy.  It is VERY hard to get two two year olds to look and smile at the same time... thus the following pictures.

And then came fire... not so cool after all.  It took them a long time to calm down.  Fletcher wouldn't even look at the grill.  He kept begging to go home.  I knew as soon as he got his food it would be better though.
 I was right!  He chowed down on noodles.  No need for forks for this birthday boy!
 This noodle was a slippery one!
 Anderson loved the rice and chicken.  He did a better job at using his fork.  He doesn't like his hands to be dirty.
I did have a mommy moment when the chef kept making BIG fires and scaring the boys.  I may have raised my voice a little and not so politely told him to cut it out and just cook the food, BUT it was getting ridiculous.  He did not have to do so much fire... less fire more fun!  That was the goal.  Overall, it was a nice time with many memories made.  Will we sit back at the grill again soon.... probably not, but we will return for more delicious food.

Papaw and Grammie come tomorrow.  That means Chuck E Cheese on Saturday!!  The birthday week continues...

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  1. Loved this! I am with you on the big fire scare the kids tactic. It makes me mad, too. Miss u this week!!