Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Year Photos/ Birthday Night

One of the best gifts ever are pictures.  Our nanny, Kat, is working on building her photography portfolio.  As a gift for the boys birthday, she surprised us with an entire collection of pictures of the men that she had been taking.  They are amazing!  I've posted them on Facebook, but I know that some of you don't use Facebook so here they are on here too :)  There are 24, but I can't pick just a few so get your finger ready to scroll!

We have had a terrific birthday.  We went to "M" and took it to the park to eat and play.  Now we are watching Thomas before bed.  Tomorrow is sushi by the boys request!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  The men had a wonderful day.
Happy birthday boy.
 Rock climbing
 A little help from good old Dad.
 Muscle Men
 Ready, Set, Go!
 Rooster Wins!
 Cheeseballs :)
 Birthday dinner of choice!
 Nom, nom, nom
 Just a swingin'
Check back later this week for an update on the continuation of the birthday week!

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