Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elf Family!

Usually I am the one who has the Christmas tree totes out of the attic waiting to be torn into at midnight, November 1st. However, this year it took me ten more days than usual. Regardless, trees are up! Well, at least two of them. The rest of the decor, will wait until Thanksgiving. Kale and I have a tradition that we dress up in "winter gear" to decorate, while watching Elf. He sports his winter vest and hat, while I wear my scarf and hat. The boys joined in this year with their hats as well. A little fun in all the chaos of totes and glitter!
The boys had a great time helping to put the trees together. They loved climbing in the boxes and handing things to us. Bedtime is seven, so they had to be put in their beds before ornament time, but they at least got to help with lights! Here are just a few pictures of our fun family night. We will get more when we decorate the tree for their room.

Have a good Friday everyone!

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